Trading Skill Builder Workshop (Online)

Trading Skill Builder Workshop (Online)


Unique workshop that strengthen the intraday traders to make their trading more strategic and consistent.

The Program is specially designed to provide you flexibility to learn from your home in period of lock down and make your day trading experience far better and rewarding.

We focus on strict disciplined approach and make you well verse with core concepts of Technical Analysis and Option Instruments along with Derivative Data analysis to refine our trades to new level all together.

Program is completely online/web based so you need not to travel, rather you can attend the entire program from comfort of your home on your laptop or smart phone keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.

Join this 3 day workshop consisting 4 hours of conceptual learning and understanding the intraday  trade setups and then spend one full live trading session with our faculty none other than option guru Mr Ajay Agarwal.

Program Date : Will be announced soon

For any query, feel free to Call : 7982272500


Format & Course Overview

Intraday redefined is an amazing workshop based on Technical Analysis & Future and Option, for the stock market traders  who want to:

  • Keep their trading simple
  • Earn consistently
  • Trade without panic
  • Have risk management in place


It’s a 3-day online program delivered in a live market (Saturday, Sunday & Monday)  that includes:

  • Day 1: 2-hour conceptual workshop to understand the Concept of Intraday Trading (10 am to 12 pm)
  • Day 2: 2-hours online session to understand trade setups ( 10 am to 12 pm)
  • Day 3: 7-hours Live Market Trading webinar to apply the strategy (8:30 am to 3:30 pm)




Learn From Option Guru Mr Ajay Agarwal is also known as Option Guru who has more than 25 years of experience in the derivative field. He has spent a better part of his life in studying, analysis and edifying derivatives & managing portfolios. He is prominent visiting faculty in ICICI Securities, India Infoline and NSE Academy. Has been imparting training on the subject of Options Strategies and stock trading since 2006


Audience & Prerequisite

The course is designed for those who are looking for regular income from trading and for Full-time Traders

Workshop Derivable

This course fantastically combines 50% Conceptual and 50% Trading for the sensible implementation of learning within the real market.

Workshop Includes:

  • 1- hour Recorded AV on Technical Analysis Patterns and Indicators
  • 1-hour Recorded AV on Futures and Option concepts
  • 6-hour online webinar session  session to understand the intraday strategy
  • 1 full live market days to understand the application of strategy in the real-time market.
  • Understanding of Money management for the trade setup
  • Understanding of Risk Management for the trade setup



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